Customization Add On

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Add this item to your cart to "customize" any item we have listed. 

Customization choices available of current items for sale include:

☆ Bead Color Change

☆ Necklace Cord and/or Clasp Change 

☆ Wooden or Silicone Teether Change 


You may choose no more than ONE option per Customization Product added to cart.  

If you would like more than one customization on any pre-made necklaces please add the corresponding number of "Customization" items to your cart. 

Ex: if you wish to purchase a "Louie the Hedgehog" Necklace but would like different color cord, different color beads, and a different color clasp, you will choose 3 "Customization" products to your cart along with the "Louie the Hedgehog" Necklace.