Adult Hygge Hat

Adult Hygge Hat

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Hand knit hat from hygge yarn. Hygge is Danish for "a feeling of hapiness, coziness, and comfort" and this soft, lush warm hat delivers beautifully. If you love hiding your head and ears for the cold brisk winter, this hat is perfect to make all that cold disappear! Order one for you and one for your little to match and use hashtag #twinningforthewinter with the best of the best! But seriously, in all seriousness, this hat is amazing and it won't disappoint!

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1. Choose from the hygee yarn colors we have available: Indigo (a deep dark navy), Light Pink, and Cloud (a creamy white).

2. Add more texture with a gray or dark gray strand double knit to make it even warmer and crozier! Simply let us know in the notes section which color, size, and if you want dark gray or gray double strand. So easy! Then wait for us to work our magic and enjoy the soft, lush goodness that is our hygee hat! You're going to love it!

And bonus... for a limited time only, buy one hat and get a free zipper gripper! Order quick so you aren't waiting in line for yours!

3. Choose a pom! (If you'd like one). Add an extra pom in a different color for only $5!